6063 u προφίλ εξέλασης αλουμινίου

u προφίλ αλουμινίου


1.Name:u shape aluminum extrusion profiles

Ruibang u shape aluminum extrusion profiles description

1. Material: aluminum alloy

2.Surface Treatment: mill finish, anodizing, powder coating, brushing, sandblasting, etc.

3. Color: variety,such as red,gold,blue,black,white,silver,etc.

4. Sizes and shapes can be customized as per customers' need.

5. Better anti-corrosion performance; protect products even under the adverse environment.

6. Certain modification can be done according to your requirements; such as drilling, painting, punching, silk-screen printing etc.

Our team put its experience to work - our customer provided the print and 2D CAD drawings, and we took it from there, using our CNC vertical mill to make the aluminum enclosure they needed, with quality they expected.

Customize enclosures to the exact length and width for your application

Whatever your precision CNC machining needs, Ruibang can handle them. To learn more about what Ruibang can do for, please you see the table below, or call us directly.

Product groupΕφαρμογή 
Aluminum Heat sinkAluminum heat sink, LED heat sink, electronics radiator.
Shell & Housing & EnclosureElectronic product metal housing, power housing, communication apparatus shell.
Face-plate & Panel boardfront panel, control panel, panel board.
CNC machiningMachinery parts, aluminum alloy section, high precision parts

Γρήγορες λεπτομέρειες

Τόπος προέλευσης: Jiangsu, Κίνα (ηπειρωτική χώρα)
Βαθμός: Σειρά 6000
Θερμοκρασία: T3-T8
Application: electronic enclosure, integrated amplifiers, power amplifiers,audiophiles,CD players
Σχήμα: Πλατεία
Κράμα ή όχι: είναι κράμα
Εμπορικό σήμα: Weyerhau
Product name: u shape aluminum extrusion profiles
Finish: anodized, sandblasting,brushed,silk-screen printing,etc.
Color: blue,black,silver,golden,red,yellow,etc.
Certificate: ISO9000
Small order: accept
OEM/ODM: available
Size: 198x48mm


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